Welcome to the McLean Wellness Group


We are a group of experienced professionals who approach wellness in a holistic way; emphasizing nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness as crucial to overall well-being.

Are you feeling like you could use some extra support in your life? Could you benefit from being around others who are experiencing similar things as you are? Do you need help learning new skills? Are you trying to make changes in your life and could benefit from coaching during the process?

We work with clients by developing a relationship through genuine and caring interactions, by meeting you where you are in the present moment, and identifying your strengths.



The environment at MWG is professional but relaxed.  We are all genuine people, just being ourselves, while trying to help others.  There is frequently an office dog on site, to provide comfort or laughs.  Of course, for those afraid of dogs, it is made an animal-free zone.



It's important that you"shop around" until you find a therapist that feels like the right match. Research shows the most important factor in helping people get better is having a genuine and connected relationship. We make ourselves available for free phone or in-person consultation in order to ensure "goodness of fit" between therapist and client.


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Take ActioN NOW

As scary as it might feel, now is the time to take the first steps toward improving your mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

The future depends on what you do today.
— Mahatma Gandhi